Usage patterns and recommendations

APP areas

The APP areas contain base software relases and closely related configuration files,
as well as user test releases.

The APP areas have not been the source of overloads,
and are not the primary focus of this Task Force.

We describe these for completeness,
and because these are not directly mounted on OSG worker nodes.
It is natural to ask whether we could remove the local Fermigrid NFS mounts.

  • Fermigrid mounts /*/app and /grid/fermiapp/* and /grid/fermiapp/products/*
    and provides CVMFS access
    • Users build and access both base and test releases
    • Use of project app areas versus /grid/fermiapp sturage
      • /grid/fermiapp is for common software, and smaller consumers under about 200 GB
      • /*/app areas are for those needing more storage or their own CVMFS update schedule.
    • Normal working data files should not be in the App areas, for performance, security and quota reasons

DATA areas

The DATA areas contain non-archived working data files.

  • mount points vary, including data, data2, ana, prod, orchestration, etc. )
  • proper usage is volatile project files and temporary production files
  • permanent production files should go in PNFS
  • presently there are some highly shared 'Auxiliary' files

All but Auxiliary data files are accessed via ifdh cp.
We need to move Aux files out of data areas so that all Data access is via ifdh cp.