Fermgrid Bluearc Unmount Task Force approvals

Summary of Task Force approvals of Report 1.0, based on the March 30 draft
DocDB V14
Document V0.921
dated 2014/03/30

Responses as of 2015/04/24

Member Response Latest Comment
gerard1 NO 04/24 Rename to 'avoiding direct access...' not really Unmounting
if-gridftp SLA needs review if they are included in the Plan
There is no plan to deploy AlienCache CVMFS
kreymer OK 03/30
litvinse OK 04/24
mengel OK 04/23
mslyz OK 04/27 Marco is away, Dave Dykstra has responded
romero OK 04/24
tamsett OK 04/28
timm OK 04/24