Bluearc Mounts

Current mounts on Fermigrid Bluearc exports summary ( visible from )

Bluearc structure

The Bluearc support heararchy is as follows :
  • Cluster - array of redundant servers ( FERMI-BLUE, ITNAS-A, RHEA )
    • Head - server within the cluster, with failover)
      • Span - the raid array on which files reside
        • EVS - path used to export the file systems
          • FS - file system within the SPAN
            • vivol - directory that is exported
The file systems we are discussing on on the FERMI-BLUE Cluster.
evsnames include
  • blue2
  • blue3
  • cdf-nas-0
  • d0-nas-0
  • des-nas-0
  • if-nas-0
  • sci-win-nas-0

The APP areas are exported under blue2, usually served by head 2.
The DATA areas are exported under blue3, usually served by head 1.