Fermigrid Bluearc Data Umount and Removal Schedule


Since the publication of the Task Force report
Fermigrid data volumes to have increased to over 3 GBytes/second,
the file transaction rate has gone up to millions per day,
and nearly half the computing is being done offsite.

This is not compatible with getting data from Bluarc data volumes.

We have instead deployed dCache scratch and persistent storage
exceeding the present capacity of Bluearc data.

We will restricting Bluearc data volumes to exclusively interactive use.

New projects will not have data mounted on Fermigrid,
and will not have FTP access to Bluearc volumes.

Existing projects will first do the formerly planned Unmount,
in which users must use ifdhc to access files from Fermigrid.
This will identify processes that accidently access this data,
and allow tracking via the ifdhc logs of usage patterns.

Then we will remove Bluearc data access entire for each project,
shutting down the if-gridftp-* and bestman ftp server paths.

The table below will show specific timing.


For each project, the dismount process will be


Targets are general time frames
Year-only indicates no input from the projects.
Schedules are specific.

Project Unmount target Unmount sched Complete Removal Sched Complete FTP Sched Complete Comments
argoneut 2016
cdf NA NA NA NA NA NA NA mounted interactively only
coupp 2016 NA NA
d0 NA NA mounted on d0grid,clued0, retiring 2016
des /des/orchestration
dune NA NA NA NA NA never mounted, using if-gridftp-dune for lbne files
ds50 2016
gm2 2015
ilc 2015 NA NA accelerator ilc4c sid ild
lar1nd NA NA NA NA NA never mounted, using if-gridftp-lar1nd for access to app
lariat 2016
lbne 2016 data2
minos 2015-12
minerva 2015 data data2 data3
mu2e 2016
nova 2016 data ana prod
nusoft 2015
e906 2016 if-grifgtp-seaqest
uboone 2016
lar1nd NA ?