Service Now issue summary

This is a summary of Service Now foibles affecting end users.

  • Users can view only issues where they are on the watch list
    • And then only using a very long special URL.
    • Due to high license cost of full access registration
  • All attachments to an item are sent with every email from item updates
    • Perhaps because of the above restrictions on access.
  • Fixed pitch fonts are not available
    • This is highly desireable for technical communication
    • Can be done in comments with
      [code]<pre> ... </pre>[/code]

      but this double spaces lines
  • Tabs are removed and replaced with nothing.
    • Workaround is to expand tabs before entering a comment.
    • Person posting the tabs may not be aware they are there.
  • Cannot add comments to Closed RITMS
    • Unable to say 'thanks' or to confirm successful deployment.
  • URLs are often unreasonably long
    • Need short links to standard forms and pages.