GIT: git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/fermimobileappnative

Test Flight
LLC account is Enterprise - Internal (cannot publish to App Store)
Fermi National Alliance - This is for publishing to App Store
Apple ID (For Apple developer): gov.fnal.FermiAppSwift


- No more crashing on load
- Swift (no 3rd party libraries)
- Easier to maintain and update
- Uses Native Storyboard
- Proper use of Exception Domains (Apple required)
- Previous version allowed insecure http loading
- Memory management, taking advantage of Appleā€™s ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)
- Closer to MVC paradigm
- Checks for internet connection and displays message if none is found
- Behavior is consistent. All links are first opened in-app

- Implement a more abstract (non-brute force) implementation of NSMutableStrings
- If a webpage does not load (from link) ask user if they would like to open in a browser