August 29 2011


Parag Mhashilkar, Tanya Levshina, Steve Timm


Need two probes
  • Gratia probe to talk to Gratia services
  • Opennebula probe to gather information from the Opennebula server and/or database directly

Get the the information on the status of the VM from Opennebula.

To get actual usage of the VM, there will be tools deployed by the FermiCloud. Only works if the user does not turn them off or if the user actually installs them on the custom VM

Need to understand and follow what OGF is doing wrt to the accounting structure for cloud
Do we have specs?
Can we influence the specs?
Spec exists for CE but not for SE
Can we adapt CE specs to cloud VM?

Opennebula database is on fgitb machine. Tanya to send connection details to Parag

Template used while VM creation is available in xml format in one of the dbs. There is a db for history and some more dbs for active VMs

Still some lingering questions about the usage pattern.

Will the info on the SLA be available in the Opennebula db or somewhere we can gather? Charge varies based on SLA so this custom info will be required for accounting

For the first phase of the work, gather as much info as possible for the VM from Opennebula and it's databases.