August 24 2011


Keith Chadwick, Steve Timm, Ted Hesselroth, Tanya Levshina, Parag Mhashilkar


FermiCloud Economic Model;filename=FermiCloud-Economic-Model.pdf;version=1

  • Users need to explicitly ask for the FC and BA. Not easy to determines
    easily through Open Nebula
  • Extension to Gratia. Methods to capture CE info for FermiCloud in for
    of Job record for Cloud

Multiple levels of accounting

  • first level: cloud level accounting
  • second level: PSACCT accounting

PM: Cost table in Economic Calculation Basis are yearly or monthly?
KC: CEs will be leased per year basis.

TL: Do we need day-to-day accounting?
KC: Accounting should be on going and periodically we will run the
report which will be the basis of the charge back. But in generally it
is per year basis.

TL: Will the users increase the mem/cpu later
KC: Possible

TH: Can we accounting based on who asked based on
TL: Need all info about request, shutdown, memory, cpu etc.
KC: We need to capture the info periodically in case there is a shutdown
because of building/facility shutdown.

KC: In case of intermediate records, CE utilization will be charged for

PM: Does OpenNebula have a history table/records like condor?
TL: There is history schema or something similar.

User related discussion:
TH: Can we have a different schema

PM: For accounting we start with the fact that we have a username/group
PM: Do we need to charge even if disk is created?
KC: We charge the moment it is created and until they request we don't
want it anymore

There are several places we can put in hooks like during job creation,
job stopping, job shutting down, etc.

TH: Info maybe easily accessible through OpenNebula

KC: If users have 1 day 365 clients then they have utilized their
utilization of 1 CPU for 1 year.