Many users like the GitHub fork/pull-request workflow. So what would we need to add this to our
current Redmine setup?

  1. repository fork tool: We would want to:
    1. make a redmine project and ssh account for that user's forks if needed
    2. make a --local (link-based) clone of the repository (or --shared?)
    3. make the remote have the projectname it is forked from
    4. add the fork repo to the users project, above.
    5. user can then clone that forked repo, commit to it, etc.
  2. pull-handler script:
    1. would add remote and branch for the fork repo (which could also be at github, etc.)
      1. branch name could be hash of the repo path
    2. would pull remote's head into that branch
    3. optionally merge
  3. issue type in Redmine for Pull requests would have a link to the pull handler script, above