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Marc Mengel, 10/07/2009 11:03 AM

Creating Repositories

This site is running a slightly modified version of Redmine, to allow users to select what sort of repository they
want to create.

Create a project by
  • clicking on the Projects link in the top dark bar of the Redmine page,
  • clicking on "New Project" to create the project
  • Filling out the form
  • Hitting save
Once you have a project created,
  • pick it from the projects page, and
  • click on the "Settings" tab, then
  • click on the "Repository" sub-tab
  • Choose a repository type (CVS, Git, Subversion)
  • put "create_me" (without quotes) in the first input box
  • hit save.

Soon thereafter a cron job will wake up and make your repository
along with a local project account, etc. When that happens
the location of the repository will be updated, usually to

Then if you're using:

Git: from a local repository, do:

git push --all --force ssh:///cvs/projects/_project_


Then you can use ssh to access your repository, and if you add
members to the project, they will be added to the .k5login for the

If your project is "public" in redmine, it should also be available (readonly) (for Git and Subversion) as