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Christopher Green, 04/28/2014 03:40 PM

1 1 Marc Mengel
h1. Notification
2 1 Marc Mengel
3 1 Marc Mengel
h2. New issues notification
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5 1 Marc Mengel
For new issues, there is a "Newissuealerts"  plugin installed, you can turn it on in your Settings/Modules box for your project, and then use the Settings/"Email on New Issue" page to configure email addresses to get notified of new issues.
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h2. Commit/push messages
8 1 Marc Mengel
9 1 Marc Mengel
For commit/push messages, you need to update the hooks directory in the repositories, by ssh-ing into the account
10 1 Marc Mengel
and editing it (you need to be a Manager on the project, and be using Kerberos authentication to do this).
11 1 Marc Mengel
12 2 Christopher Green
We do have some scripts that will use the RepositoryMailinglists field on yor Settings/Information page; or you can roll your own, there is an executable<pre>/usr/local/bin/get_rm_ml projectname</pre>which will pull that text for you to use in your scripts.
13 1 Marc Mengel
14 1 Marc Mengel
I've been planning at some point to do a Grand Unified notification script
15 1 Marc Mengel
that would handle CVS, Git and Subversion notifications; but it's been
16 1 Marc Mengel
idling on a back burner for some time.
17 1 Marc Mengel
18 2 Christopher Green
for Git, we also have several flavors of @git_commit_notifier@ lying around: one which pulls the malinglist config stuff out of the repository, and the other which uses the get_rm_ml business.  You can make a symlink<pre>post-receive -> /fnal/ups/db/fnal_git_notifier/current/scripts/fnal-git-notify-redmine</pre>for the git_commit_notifier that gets the mailinglist text block into its configuration, or  you can put in <pre>post-receive -> /fnal/ups/db/fnal_git_notifier/current/scripts/fnal-git-notify</pre>for the one that gets things from a file @config/mailinglist.cfg@ in the repository.
19 1 Marc Mengel
20 2 Christopher Green
For SVN we have @/usr/local/bin/ which some people like for
21 1 Marc Mengel
sending fancy commit messages.