We are currently running Redmine 1.0.1, plus the addition of some more plugins,
which gives us the following major features:

  • Nested projects (sub-sub projects, sub-sub-sub projects).
  • Nested tasks (sub-tasks, sub-sub-tasks, etc.)
  • New Plugins
    • \LaTeX formulas in wiki pages (via Wiki External Filter plugin)
    • CodeReview plugin lets you add discussion to file revision histories
  • Misc bugfixes
    • Repository browsing much faster
    • cvs history for file shows just revisions for that file
Full Plugin list:
  • Embedded Embed various documentations in your projects
  • Redmine Code Review plugin -- This is a Code Review plugin for Redmine
  • Redmine Hudson plugin This is a Hudson plugin for Redmine
  • Redmine Newissuealerts plugin -- Send an email to a list of addresses when a new issue is created
  • Simple CI -- A generic plugin for integrating per project RSS continuous integration feeds in Redmine.
  • Redmine System Notification plugin -- The System Notification plugin allows Administrators to send systemwide email notifications to specific users.
  • Wiki External Filter Plugin -- Processes given text using external command and renders its output