HTML Pages

We've added the PluginEmbedded plugin on the site, and configured it to show the "html" subdirectory of project ssh account home areas. Thus you can upload html files there, (with a suitable "index.html") and if people go to the "HTML" tab of your project, they should see them.

In other words, for the "foo" project, you can

ssh chmod a+x .
ssh mkdir html
scp some-file.html

Then in your Projects Settings/Modules tab, enable the "Embedded" module.

And then you should see that html content in your "HTML" tab of your project.

Note that currently only Managers of a project can login interactively and/or scp files into the project account home area.

Note also that your project won't have an ssh account unless you setup a "create_me" repository -- see CreatingRepositories