cdcvs repositories

If you have an existing CVS repository on cdcvs, you can create a project, and enter the information for the project in the Settings/Repository tab, preferably as follows:

Module *

In some cases, this will fail, because the "redmine" account does not have permission to read the repository, this can be remedied with a Helpdesk ticket mentioning redmine and/or cdcvs, and listing the project and repository. Currently the /cvs/cd /cvs/ols/ /cvs/nova /cvs/t962 and /cvs/dss repositories have group permissions setup for redmine; others will likely require some minor permissions fixup.

Other Repositories

This can sometimes be challenging, because Redmine requires recent (feature track) versions of CVS for repository browsing. If the remote site is runnign a cvs 1.12.10 or higher, you can use a

CVSROOT value, and appropriate module name.

If pserver isn't supported, we could setup a DSA key and or kerberos credential for redmine to use on an ssh connection for remote cvs access. In any case, we would need the 1.12. version of CVS to support directory browsing.