To add users, generally you go to the Settings/Members tab of the project, select the user,
check off what roles that user should have, and hit [Save].

Common Issues

If you are adding users to a project or a group, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. the list of users to pick from is the first 20 matches to the search box; so if the search box is empty, it's just the first 20 users on the system; so you really need to type in part of the user's name to find them.
  2. the users available to add are only people who have
    • logged into Redmine before
    • been added by hand (see below)
      So if you cannot find a user, and they have a Services account, you probably need to add them by hand, or get them to log into Redmine.

Adding users to Redmine by hand

  • go to, type in the user's login name, and you should get a response like:
    Added user juser: Joe User <>

    If instead you get
    Added user asdfasdf: <>

    (i.e. there is no full name for the user) then it didn't find that username in Services, and the "Added user" message is a lie :-).

What if I don't know their username?

Try looking them up in the Fermi Telephone Book, and use the username part from their Instant Message id. If they're not in the Fermi Telephone Book, they probably don't have a Fermi Services account, and need to read and follow the process for Remote Users