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John Diamond, 01/21/2021 01:27 PM

CVS to GIT Migration

This document is for planning out a migration path, for front-end source code, from our cvs repository to git. Please add concerns, steps, and comments.

Do We Need to Move to git?

The general attitude of the lab is that we're using more formal methods in our development process. Most modern tools focus on using git for source code management, so we're mostly convinced this is our path, too. A quick comparison:

  • git is the repo of choice for GitHub and GitLab -- both excellent project management platforms.
  • git makes branching a breeze. It allows a project to organize its development so that the master branch contains releasable code and developers can manage their own development and testing branches.
  • cvs supports "keywords" which cvs can automatically update.

Summary Table

Most of the front-end code has now been moved to Git. The below table summarizes what's been moved and to where. Comments in green generally indicate a CVS project that wasn't moved because it held nothing of any value.
To obtain the code from git, taking the Git User $U and New Git project $P from the table, use the command

git clone ssh://p-$$P

First, some CVS projects at the top level, that is, they aren't under the normal fermi/ directory tree.

Old CVS Redmine Proj New Git Git User Comment
culite Old Duplicate Garbage
echotek_v2 Old Duplicate Garbage
ees AD EE Support Subprojects under AD EE Support Department
ferm Old Duplicate Garbage
test Useless
example early build system experimentation by Schumann?
erl-camera AD Controls fe-camera fe-camera Rich to check all subdirs included
Imported Sources for testporj Garbage
kekBpms John is looking into this
novatb Garbage
rrnvdsr2dsp Old Duplicate Garbage
states Old Duplicate Garbage
utility Rich to move, maybe

All the rest of these CVS projects are subdirectories under the fermi/ directory.
For nearly all the top-level fermi/* projects (i.e., not under proton, rfies or rfiinst) and the fermi/fe_products/* projects, the files in CVS were moved to the Attic (with "cvs remove") to prevent accidental cvs commits. Other departments might want to do this, too.

Old CVS Redmine Proj New Git Git User Comment
esd/fe/lelppd LLRF LLFrontends llfrontends-lelppd llfrontends
org Everything is older duplicates
boowir AD Controls/Motion mc-fe-boowir mc not deleted from CVS
msepta AD Controls/Motion mc-fe-msepta mc not deleted from CVS
micoll AD Controls/Motion mc-fe-micoll mc deleted from CVS
numihn AD Controls/Motion mc-fe-numihn mc not deleted from CVS
scraper AD Controls/Motion mc-fe-scraper mc not deleted from CVS
bcoll AD Controls/Motion fe Rich to move.
e0ipm AD Controls/Motion fe Rich to move.
mi8cl1 AD Controls/Motion fe Rich to move.
ms3cl1 AD Controls/Motion fe Rich to move.
nmla AD Controls/Motion mc-fe-nml mc not deleted from CVS
numipm AD Controls/Motion fe Rich to move.
fe_products/acnet AD Controls/VxWorks vx-acnet vx-acnet
fe_products/ab AD Controls fevme-ab fevme
fe_products/alglibvx AD Controls fevme-alglibvx fevme
fe_products/blm AD Controls fevme-blm fevme
fe_products/consolidator AD Controls fevme-consolidator fevme Obsolete
fe_products/debug AD Controls fevme-debug fevme
fe_products/echotek AD Controls fevme-echotek fevme
fe_products/echotekV2 AD Controls fevme-echotekv2 fevme lower case 'v'
fe_products/epics_update AD Controls fevme-epics_update fevme
fe_products/errlog AD Controls fevme-errlog fevme
fe_products/fe_make AD Controls fevme-fe_make fevme
fe_products/fftw AD Controls fevme-fftw fevme
fe_products/frib AD Controls fevme-frib fevme Obsolete
fe_products/ftpman AD Controls vx-mooc vx-mooc Code has long been in mooc
fe_products/gpib AD Controls fevme-gpib fevme
fe_products/heartbeat AD Controls fevme-heartbeat fevme
fe_products/ics110b AD Controls fevme-ics110b fevme
fe_products/ip AD Controls/FE/Lib indpk-vx indpk Moved in 2018
fe_products/ipacromag AD Controls fevme-ipacromag fevme
fe_products/ipfermilab AD Controls fevme-ipfermilab fevme
fe_products/ipsds AD Controls fevme-ipsds fevme
fe_products/ipsystran AD Controls fevme-ipsystran fevme
fe_products/iseries AD Controls fevme-iseries fevme
fe_products/loadtime AD Controls fevme-loadtime fevme
fe_products/math AD Controls fevme-math fevme
fe_products/mooc AD Controls vx-mooc vx-mooc
fe_products/nnfeLib AD Controls fevme-nnfelib femve CVS code not rm-ed if Rich wants it in Camac
fe_products/ntracnet AD Controls fevme-ntracnet fevme Obsolete?
fe_products/optilogic AD Controls fevme-optilogic fevme
fe_products/ppcLib AD Controls moved by Rich somewhere
fe_products/plcdirect AD Controls fevme-plcdirect fevme
fe_products/pmc AD Controls fevme-pmc fevme
fe_products/rdloss AD Controls fevme-rdloss fevme
fe_products/rwlock AD Controls fevme-rwlock fevme
fe_products/serial AD Controls fevme-serial fevme
fe_products/sixtrak AD Controls fevme-sixtrak fevme
fe_products/sld AD Controls/TCLK tclk-vx-sld tclk
fe_products/ssmlite AD Controls fevme-ssmlite fevme Is this duplicate, Rich?
fe_products/ssm AD Controls fevme-ssm fevme
fe_products/tcport AD Controls fevme-tcport fevme
fe_products/tlg AD Controls/TCLK tclk-tlg-fe tclk DN also copied to fevme! Same, right, Rich?
fe_products/triggers AD Controls Obsolete. long part of mooc
fe_products/ucd AD Controls/TCLK tclk-vx-ucd tclk
fe_products/vucd AD Controls/TCLK tclk-vx-vucd tclk
fe_products/v1495 AD Controls Where, Rich? Still need to delete from fevme
fe_products/v473 AD Controls fevme-v473 fevme Rich might want to consolidate
fe_products/v474 AD Controls v474-quad-power-supply-controller (same)
fe_products/vmeclass AD Controls fevme-vmeclass fevme
fe_products/vwpp AD Controls Rich has it somewhere
fe_products/xmlrpc AD Controls fevme-xmlrpc fevme
fe_products/xtbpm AD Controls fevme-xtbpm fevme
fe_products/vwsupport AD Controls fevme-vwsupport fevme
400mevBpm AD Controls fevme-400mevbpm fevme
adc12x5 AD Controls fevme-adc12x5 fevme
adcdig AD Controls fevme-adcdig fevme
adcnumi AD Controls fevme-adcnumi fevme
arcnet_cpp AD Controls fevme-arcnet_cpp fevme
atfacnet AD Controls fevme-atfacnet fevme Obsolete
bcc AD Controls fevme-bcc fevme
bbpm AD Controls fevme-bbpm fevme
blm AD Controls fevme-blm fevme
blmez80 AD Controls fevme-blmez80 fevme
c290 AD Controls In Camac
calawg AD Controls fevme-calawg fevme Obsolete
camac AD Controls/Camac camac-ad camac-ad
chl AD Controls fevme-chl fevme Obsolete. CHL demolished.
dbdown AD Controls fevme-dbdown fevme
drf1 AD Controls fevme-drf1 fevme
echotekv2 AD Controls Old version, not moved. Newer in fe_products.
ecnmr AD Controls fevme-ecnmr fevme Obsolete
ecooler AD Controls fevme-ecooler fevme Obsolete
ees AD EE Support Subprojects in AD EE Support Dept.
esecon AD Controls fevme-esecon fevme
debbpm AD Controls fevme-debbpm fevme Obsolete
doc AD Controls SLD Documentation. not moved by DN
example_fe AD Controls fevme-example_fe fevme
firus AD Controls Moved by Rich
firus-console AD Controls Rich moved it long ago.
flash24 AD Controls fevme-flash24 fevme
freetds AD Controls fevme-freetds fevme
frig AD Controls fevme-frig fevme Obsolete
frig186 AD Controls fevme-frig186 fevme Obsolete
frig_defaults AD Controls fevme-frig_defaults fevme Obsolete
gfsda AD Controls fevme-gfsda fevme
hrm AD Controls fevme-hrm fevme
jswic AD Controls fevme-jswic fevme
lbqpm AD Controls fevme-lbqpm fevme
lbqpmbar AD Controls fevme-lbqpmbar fevme
linac AD Controls Not moved. Owned by Mike
linac-tools AD Controls Not moved. Owned by Mike
linacpfn EE Support Moved to VxFE/linacpfn 12/16/20
luminosity AD Controls fevme-luminosity fevme
miqxr AD Controls fevme-miqxr fevme
miv AD Controls fevme-miv fevme
mwire AD Controls fevme-mwire fevme
mwireBNL AD Controls fevme-mwirebnl fevme
mwireTest AD Controls fevme-mwiretest fevme lower case 't'
new-ecool AD Controls fevme-new-ecool fevme Obsolete
nnfe AD Controls In camac
pbar/fe/accllrf AD Controls fevme-accllrf fevme Obsolete
peanut AD Controls fevme-peanut fevme Obsolete
pid AD Controls fevme-pid fevme
prep_test AD Controls fevme-prep_test fevme
ptron AD Controls fevme-ptron fevme Obsolete
remotevme AD Controls fevme-remotevme fevme
rfes CVS Mistake. Garbage.
states AD Controls fevme-states fevme
swic AD Controls fevme-swic fevme
tevqxr AD Controls fevme-tevqxr fevme Obsolete
tevTune AD Controls fevme-tevtune fevme lower case 't' Obsolete
tlg AD Controls I don't know. Old duplicate? Rich?
twtpm AD Controls fevme-twtpm fevme Obsolete
vmet AD Controls fevme-vmet fevme Obsolete
proton/LRM AD Proton protonfe-lrm protonfe
proton/altera AD Proton CVS was an empty hierarchy
proton/fe/bdev AD Proton protonfe-bdev protonfe
proton/fe/bgmps AD Proton protonfe-bgmps protonfe
proton/fe/bllrf AD Proton protonfe-bllrf protonfe
proton/fe/cog_dev AD Proton protonfe-cog_dev protonfe
proton/fe/hybrid AD Proton protonfe-hybrid protonfe
proton/fe/hybridMV2434 AD Proton protonfe-hybrid_mv2434 protonfe
proton/fe/hybridMV5500 AD Proton protonfe-hybrid_mv5500 protonfe
proton/fe/ph_dev AD Proton protonfe-ph_dev protonfe
proton/dsp/bdsp AD Proton CVS was an empty hierarchy
proton/dsp/bdspBEL AD Proton protonfe-bdspbel protonfe
proton/dsp/bdspLLRFVCO AD Proton protonfe-bdspllrfvco protonfe
proton/dsp/bdspGMPS AD Proton protonfe-bdspgmps protonfe
proton/dsp/bdspShared AD Proton protonfe-bdspshared protonfe

The LLRF code has not been removed by AD Controls from CVS, but the projects are all moved.

rfies/dsp/adcddcdsp LLRF vmedsp-adcddcdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/cmmfcdsp LLRF vmedsp-cmmfcdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/cmtsdsp LLRF vmedsp-cmtsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/comhdrdsp LLRF vmedsp-comhdrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/cycfpga LLRF vmedsp-cycfpga vmedsp
rfies/dsp/dsrdsp LLRF vmedsp-dsrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/dsrtestdsp LLRF vmedsp-dsrtestdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/ecbpmdmpdsp LLRF vmedsp-ecbpmdmpdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/ecoolbpmdsrdsp LLRF vmedsp-ecoolbpmdsrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/gundsp LLRF vmedsp-gundsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/hins6dsp LLRF vmedsp-hins6dsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/hinsdsp LLRF vmedsp-hinsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/lelppdsp LLRF vmedsp-lelppdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/libfuncadsp LLRF vmedsp-libfuncadsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/libfunccdsp LLRF vmedsp-libfunccdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/libllcppdsp LLRF vmedsp-libllcppdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/libmathadsp LLRF vmedsp-libmathadsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/m39htsdsp LLRF vmedsp-m39htsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mdb1300llrfdsp LLRF vmedsp-mdb1300llrfdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mdb130dsp LLRF vmedsp-mdb130dsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mdb130nddsp LLRF vmedsp-mdb130nddsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mdb325dsp LLRF vmedsp-mdb325dsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mfctestdsp LLRF vmedsp-mfctestdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mfctestv2_3dsp LLRF vmedsp-mfctestv2_3dsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/miadcdsp LLRF vmedsp-miadcdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/middsdsp LLRF vmedsp-middsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/midsrddsdsp LLRF vmedsp-midsrddsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mirfcdsp LLRF vmedsp-mirfcdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/miswhdsp LLRF vmedsp-miswhdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mitvswhdsp LLRF vmedsp-mitvswhdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mitvxfrdsp LLRF vmedsp-mitvxfrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mixfrdsp LLRF vmedsp-mixfrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mrfddsdsp LLRF vmedsp-mrfddsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mrfdsrdsp LLRF vmedsp-mrfdsrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mrfswhdsp LLRF vmedsp-mrfswhdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/mrfxfrdsp LLRF vmedsp-mrfxfrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/paradsrdsp LLRF vmedsp-paradsrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/pxierfqdsp LLRF vmedsp-pxierfqdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rfq162dsp LLRF vmedsp-rfq162dsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrarbdsp LLRF vmedsp-rrarbdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrddsdsp LLRF vmedsp-rrddsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrdsrdsp LLRF vmedsp-rrdsrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrnvddsdsp LLRF vmedsp-rrnvddsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrnvdsr2dsp LLRF vmedsp-rrnvdsr2dsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrnvdsrdsp LLRF vmedsp-rrnvdsrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrnvswhdsp LLRF vmedsp-rrnvswhdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrnvxfrdsp LLRF vmedsp-rrnvxfrdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/rrswhdsp LLRF vmedsp-rrswhdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/testmfcdsp LLRF vmedsp-testmfcdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/tvddsdsp LLRF vmedsp-tvddsdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/tvswhdsp LLRF vmedsp-tvswhdsp vmedsp
rfies/dsp/tvxfrdsp LLRF vmedsp-tvxfrdsp vmedsp
rfies/fe/apabpm LLRF llfrontends-apabpm llfrontends
rfies/fe/b23opr LLRF llfrontends-b23opr llfrontends
rfies/fe/cmllrf LLRF llfrontends-cmllrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/cmllrf_review LLRF llfrontends-cmllrf_review llfrontends
rfies/fe/cmllrfd LLRF llfrontends-cmllrfd llfrontends
rfies/fe/cmsdev LLRF llfrontends-cmsdev llfrontends
rfies/fe/cmsopr LLRF llfrontends-cmsopr llfrontends
rfies/fe/cmssoc LLRF llfrontends-cmssoc llfrontends
rfies/fe/cycfpga LLRF llfrontends-cycfpga llfrontends
rfies/fe/dvmesd LLRF llfrontends-dvmesd llfrontends
rfies/fe/dvmtst LLRF llfrontends-dvmtst llfrontends
rfies/fe/ecoolbpm LLRF llfrontends-ecoolbpm llfrontends
rfies/fe/ecoolbpmd LLRF llfrontends-ecoolbpmd llfrontends
rfies/fe/edstest LLRF llfrontends-edstest llfrontends
rfies/fe/exllrf LLRF llfrontends-exllrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/gunllrf LLRF llfrontends-gunllrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/gunllrfd LLRF llfrontends-gunllrfd llfrontends
rfies/fe/hinsllrf LLRF llfrontends-hinsllrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/hinsllrfd LLRF llfrontends-hinsllrfd llfrontends
rfies/fe/hinssix LLRF llfrontends-hinssix llfrontends
rfies/fe/hinssixd LLRF llfrontends-hinssixd llfrontends
rfies/fe/hrf LLRF llfrontends-hrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/hrfd LLRF llfrontends-hrfd llfrontends
rfies/fe/kmaccelCpp LLRF llfrontends-kmaccelcpp llfrontends
rfies/fe/lelpp LLRF llfrontends-lelpp llfrontends
rfies/fe/linllrf LLRF llfrontends-linllrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/llrf1 LLRF llfrontends-llrf1 llfrontends
rfies/fe/m130n LLRF llfrontends-m130n llfrontends
rfies/fe/m130nd LLRF llfrontends-m130nd llfrontends
rfies/fe/m39opr LLRF llfrontends-m39opr llfrontends
rfies/fe/magtrn LLRF llfrontends-magtrn llfrontends
rfies/fe/mdb130llrd LLRF llfrontends-mdb130llrd llfrontends
rfies/fe/mdb130llrf LLRF llfrontends-mdb130llrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/mdb325llrd LLRF llfrontends-mdb325llrd llfrontends
rfies/fe/mdb325llrf LLRF llfrontends-mdb325llrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/millrf LLRF llfrontends-millrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/millrfd LLRF llfrontends-millrfd llfrontends
rfies/fe/mirfcomb LLRF llfrontends-mirfcomb llfrontends
rfies/fe/mirfcombd LLRF llfrontends-mirfcombd llfrontends
rfies/fe/mrf LLRF llfrontends-mrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/mrfd LLRF llfrontends-mrfd llfrontends
rfies/fe/old_rrllrf LLRF llfrontends-rrllrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/prbdev LLRF llfrontends-prbdev llfrontends
rfies/fe/prbopr LLRF llfrontends-prbopr llfrontends
rfies/fe/rfq162 LLRF llfrontends-rfq162 llfrontends
rfies/fe/rrllnv LLRF llfrontends-rrllnv llfrontends
rfies/fe/rrllnvd LLRF llfrontends-rrllnvd llfrontends
rfies/fe/rrllrf LLRF llfrontends-rrllrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/rrllrfd LLRF llfrontends-rrllrfd llfrontends
rfies/fe/testdds LLRF llfrontends-testdds llfrontends
rfies/fe/testdsr LLRF llfrontends-testdsr llfrontends
rfies/fe/testmfc LLRF llfrontends-testmfc llfrontends
rfies/fe/testt2pmc LLRF llfrontends-testt2pmc llfrontends
rfies/fe/testtrig LLRF llfrontends-testtrig llfrontends
rfies/fe/testxfr LLRF llfrontends-testxfr llfrontends
rfies/fe/tvdamper LLRF llfrontends-tvdamper llfrontends
rfies/fe/tvllrf LLRF llfrontends-tvllrf llfrontends
rfies/fe/tvllrfd LLRF llfrontends-tvllrfd llfrontends
rfies/shared/Qfwa LLRF LLShared llshared-qfwa llshared
rfies/shared/adc3108 LLRF LLShared llshared-adc3108 llshared
rfies/shared/addrbook LLRF LLShared llshared-addrbook llshared
rfies/shared/an++ LLRF LLShared llshared-anpp llshared
rfies/shared/an2 LLRF LLShared llshared-an2 llshared
rfies/shared/anintflt2 LLRF LLShared llshared-anintflt2 llshared
rfies/shared/anmemarr LLRF LLShared llshared-anmemarr llshared
rfies/shared/anmemarr2 LLRF LLShared llshared-anmemarr2 llshared
rfies/shared/apabpmdc LLRF LLShared llshared-apabpmdc llshared
rfies/shared/arb LLRF LLShared llshared-arb llshared
rfies/shared/bootparams LLRF LLShared llshared-bootparams llshared
rfies/shared/c++util LLRF LLShared llshared-cplusplusutil llshared
rfies/shared/cmndline LLRF LLShared llshared-cmndline llshared
rfies/shared/cog LLRF LLShared llshared-cog llshared
rfies/shared/cppevtss LLRF LLShared llshared-cppevtss llshared
rfies/shared/cppintflt LLRF LLShared llshared-cppintflt llshared
rfies/shared/cppintrss LLRF LLShared llshared-cppintrss llshared
rfies/shared/cppmemarr LLRF LLShared llshared-cppmemarr llshared
rfies/shared/cpputil LLRF LLShared llshared-cpputil llshared
rfies/shared/curve LLRF LLShared llshared-curve llshared
rfies/shared/cycfpga LLRF LLShared llshared-cycfpga llshared
rfies/shared/dds LLRF LLShared llshared-dds llshared
rfies/shared/dsr LLRF LLShared llshared-dsr llshared
rfies/shared/error LLRF LLShared llshared-error llshared
rfies/shared/event LLRF LLShared llshared-event llshared
rfies/shared/gpibbusdev LLRF LLShared llshared-gpibbusdev llshared
rfies/shared/gpibenet LLRF LLShared llshared-gpibenet llshared
rfies/shared/gundsp LLRF LLShared llshared-gundsp llshared
rfies/shared/io100 LLRF LLShared llshared-io100 llshared
rfies/shared/ksutil LLRF LLShared llshared-ksutil llshared
rfies/shared/lance LLRF LLShared llshared-lance llshared
rfies/shared/link LLRF LLShared llshared-link llshared
rfies/shared/lladc LLRF LLShared llshared-lladc llshared
rfies/shared/llcomp LLRF LLShared llshared-llcomp llshared
rfies/shared/llpnts LLRF LLShared llshared-llpnts llshared
rfies/shared/llrfbash LLRF LLShared llshared-llrfbash llshared
rfies/shared/llrfpy LLRF LLShared llshared-llrfpy llshared
rfies/shared/log LLRF LLShared llshared-log llshared
rfies/shared/memdev LLRF LLShared llshared-memdev llshared
rfies/shared/mfc LLRF LLShared llshared-mfc llshared
rfies/shared/midds LLRF LLShared llshared-midds llshared
rfies/shared/misc LLRF LLShared llshared-misc llshared
rfies/shared/nicio LLRF LLShared llshared-nicio llshared
rfies/shared/pulsehp8110 LLRF LLShared llshared-pulsehp8110 llshared
rfies/shared/registry LLRF LLShared llshared-registry llshared
rfies/shared/rfiestest LLRF LLShared llshared-rfiestest llshared
rfies/shared/rrnvcurve LLRF LLShared llshared-rrnvcurve llshared
rfies/shared/settime LLRF LLShared llshared-settime llshared
rfies/shared/sharcdsp LLRF LLShared llshared-sharcdsp llshared
rfies/shared/siglib LLRF LLShared llshared-siglib llshared
rfies/shared/smy01 LLRF LLShared llshared-smy01 llshared
rfies/shared/socmfc LLRF LLShared llshared-socmfc llshared
rfies/shared/sts LLRF LLShared llshared-sts llshared
rfies/shared/swh LLRF LLShared llshared-swh llshared
rfies/shared/testllrf LLRF LLShared llshared-testllrf llshared
rfies/shared/vmegasp LLRF LLShared llshared-vmegasp llshared
rfies/shared/vucd5500 LLRF LLShared llshared-vucd5500 llshared
rfies/shared/vucdrfies LLRF LLShared llshared-vucdrfies llshared
rfies/shared/vxi LLRF LLShared llshared-vxi llshared
rfies/shared/wavegen LLRF LLShared llshared-wavegen llshared
rfies/shared/xfr LLRF LLShared llshared-xfr llshared
rfies/shared/ztscope LLRF LLShared llshared-ztscope llshared

Most of Instrumentation has been moved. Update this table, please.

Old CVS Redmine Proj New Git Git User Comment
rfiinst/shared Archived code can be found in vxbuild1:~jdiamond/archive/
rfiinst/shared/backdoorepics n/a n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; From Duane: Code for bridging BackDoor and EPICS 3.14
rfiinst/shared/classacnetepics n/a n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; From Duane: Code for bridging ClassACNet and EPICS 3.14
rfiinst/shared/gbpm ADInstrumentation/gbpm gbpm MI & RR BPMs
rfiinst/shared/universedma Active; Slimmer to migrate; From Duane: Drivers for Universe II DMA in VxWorks
rfiinst/shared/backdoorexample Active; Diamond to migrate; From Duane: Example user code for BackDoor. Place in the main Backdoor Redmine, sub-repository.
rfiinst/shared/echotek_mibpm Active; Santucci to migrate; Dependency for gbpm-based BPMs
rfiinst/shared/classacnet Active; Joshi to migrate; Make one Redmine to hold all ClassACNet stuff, use sub-repositories
rfiinst/shared/pmcecan2 Active; Diamond to migrate; PMC/CANBus driver used in SY-BPM (vmebpm)
rfiinst/shared/backdoortest Active; Diamond to migrate; From Duane: Modify-compile-run test code for (i.e., not automated) BackDoor
rfiinst/shared/echotek_tbpm n/a n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; Tevatron BPM DAQ
rfiinst/shared/classacnetvmeserver Active; Joshi to migrate; Make one Redmine to hold all ClassACNet stuff, use sub-repositories
rfiinst/shared/miscmv162 n/a n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; From Duane: Miscellaneous utilities for MVME-162
rfiinst/shared/mews n/a n/a n/a %{color:green}Inactive; Archived; From Duane: Minimal Embedded Web Server for VxWorks
rfiinst/shared/rbeam2fw n/a n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; Looks like an abandoned RR DCCT project
rfiinst/shared/ecsg1r3adcfermi Active; Santucci to migrate; Dependency for rbpm Echotek's
rfiinst/shared/timing ADInstrumentation/Timing Library timing PMC-UCD timing & trigger library used in VMEInt and VMEBPM%
rfiinst/shared/instvmeadc Active; Slimmer to migrate; From Duane: Alexei Digitizer drivers - various versions
rfiinst/shared/ip320 n/a n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; From Duane: Industry Pack 12 bit MADC driver
rfiinst/shared/wpm n/a n/a n/a {color:green:Inactive; Archived; From Duane: Dave Slimmer Code
rfiinst/shared/backdoorserver Active; Diamond to migrate; Make one Redmine to hold all Backdoor stuff, use sub-repositories
rfiinst/shared/miscutil n/a n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; From Duane: Really old miscellaneous utilities
rfiinst/shared/echotek_driver Active; Santucci to migrate; Dependency for gbpm-based BPMs
rfiinst/shared/backDoorEventRecordApp n/a/ n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; From Duane: Code for bridging BackDoor and EPICS 3.14
rfiinst/shared/miscvxworks Active; Diamond to migrate; From Duane: Miscellaneous utilities for VxWorks
rfiinst/shared/backdoorexample_esecon From Duane: Dennis Nicklaus project - Dennis?
rfiinst/shared/sineRecordApp n/a n/a n/a Inactive; Archived; EPICS example code
rfiinst/shared/backdoorvxworks Make one Redmine to hold all Backdoor stuff, use sub-repositories
rfiinst/shared/backdoorclient Active; Diamond to migrate; Make one Redmine to hold all Backdoor stuff, use sub-repositories
rfiinst/shared/classacnettest Active; Joshi to migrate; Make one Redmine to hold all ClassACNet stuff, use sub-repositories
rfiinst/shared/backdoordefault Active; Diamond to migrate; Make one Redmine to hold all ClassACNet stuff, use sub-repositories
rfiinst/shared/klydig ADInstrumentation/klydig klydig Interlocks digitizer library

rfiinst/fe John to confirm that rfiinst/fe have been moved


As far as I can tell, nearly all the cvs tree can be looked at like this:
  • Top
    • AD/Controls
      • fe_products (similar to shared, below)
      • individual frontend or driver collections
    • rfies
      • dsp
      • shared
      • fe (individual frontend or driver collections)
    • rfiinst
      • dsp
      • shared
      • fe (individual frontend or driver collections)
    • proton


  • Some code assumes cvs. We should identify these modules and plan a path to update them.
  • Do the ESD Development Tools work with git at all instead of cvs?

Already Handles Git

Obsolete Code

This is a good opportunity for us to shed known obsolete code -- if particular cvs projects are known to be obsolete, then we want to move them forward to retain the history, but they should be marked as read-only and no-longer relevant for any Continuous Integration purposes.
Here is a start of a listing of obsolete cvs projects:
Please Add to this list!

  • 'Imported Sources for testporj'
  • culite
  • ferm/*
  • kekBpms
  • states (this seems to be an older version, now moved to fermi/states, scale_dipi moved to mooc)
  • utility
  • fermi/calawg
  • fermi/debbpm
  • fermi/drf1
  • fermi/frig
  • fermi/frig-186
  • fermi/frig_defaults
  • fermi/peanut
  • fermi/twtpm
  • fermi/fe_products/consolidator
Here are some that I hope are obsolete based on their name, but I am not 100% sure
  • fermi/atfacnet
  • fermi/chl
  • fermi/echotecV2 (there is a newer version in fermi/fe_products)
  • fermi/ecnmr (obsolete -- I (Jerry F) think, since this is for pellatron, out of service node ecnmr)
  • fermi/ecooler (obsolete -- verified with Arden Warner)
  • fermi/new-ecool (obsolete -- verified with Arden Warner)
  • fermi/pbar (obsolete -- Jerry Firebaugh - fe/accllrf is the only subdirectory. For arf4)
  • fermi/ptron (obsolete -- verified with Arden Warner)
  • fermi/remotevme - ask Dennis
  • fermi/rfes (seems to have been a typo by Varghese that was moved to rfies.)
  • fermi/tevqxr
  • fermi/vmet
Already moved to git, but files persist in CVS
  • ees/*