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Yann Guardincerri, 02/12/2016 02:31 PM

AEM Operations Reports


All Experimenters Meetings:
  • Every Monday at 4pm in Curia II
  • Historically accelerator experiments would say something about how well the experiment is doing, how much beam was received, progress, etc.
  • Recently, more of a push to have the experiment talk about how far it is in meeting specific goals
  • Steve Geer has asked for something similar from the Cosmic Frontier on the last Monday of every month
  • Presentation is 5-10 min. covering all of the FCPA active experiments
  • Occasionally, reports from specific experiments at 10-15min
  • link to site:


The presentation of AEM reports has been tasked to the FCPA experimental RAs.

  • sign-up process: can swap in the event of a big result
  • slide deadline: Friday afternoon
  • set standard slide format: pdf
  • get slides however you get them.
  • the original set of pptx slides can be found here
Experiment Contact Email
Auger Sein Eun-Joo Ahn
CDMS Ben Loer
COUPP/PICO Hugh Lippincott
Darkside Yann Guardincerri
DAMIC Javier Tiffenberg
DES Tom Diehl
Holometer Aaron Chou

Presentation Format

  • First Slide: Overview of active FCPA experiments
  • Subsequent Slides: Short experiment-by-experiment overview
  • Show same/similar slides related to "experimental" progress, e.g.
    • DES: survey progress; updates to equipment; data management progress (like cpu hours consumed);
    • CDMS: Integrated exposure
  • Eye candy good
  • Bullets about basic progress; most recent big stuff



Date Presenter Link
Jan. 8 Yann Guardincerri


Date Presenter Link
Jan. 5 Javier Tiffenberg
Feb. 2 Ben Loer
Mar. 2 Alex Drlica-Wagner
Apr. 6 Yann Guardincerri
May 4 Alex Drlica-Wagner
Jun. 1 Brian Nord
Jul. 6 Ben Loer
Aug. 3 Javier Tiffenberg
Sep. 14 Yann Guardincerri
Nov. 9 Nord


Date Presenter Link
Feb. 24 Dan Bauer
Mar. 31 Eun-Joo Ahn
Apr. 28 Ben Loer
Jun. 2 Alex Drlica-Wagner
Jun. 30 Javier Tiffenberg
Jul. 28 Yann Guardincerri
Aug. 25 Brian Nord
Oct. 6 Marcelle Soares-Santos
Oct. 27 Hugh Lippincott Canceled
Nov. 24 Brian Nord
Dec. 29 Holiday?