User documentation

FBI Features

07/19/2011 03:17 PM

Here is a brief list of FBI features.

Blocking NEW ER Diagram

10/16/2014 02:33 PM

Features added for FBI audit and FBI whack-a-mole (WAM).

Technical documentation

Full ER Diagram

08/15/2017 02:33 PM

This is the FBI full ER diagram. It is maintained in the CD CVS repository module /fbi/fbi_db/dez/main_diagram.jpg and is generated using the Datanamics Dezign for Databases tool. The source code is maintained in the file /tissue/tissue_db/dez/fbi.dez....

Sub_ER Diagrams

08/15/2017 02:34 PM

The full FBI ER diagram is broken down into 4 pages.

Class Diagrams

12/12/2011 01:58 PM

A simplified version of a UML Class Diagram.

FbiSnmpMessage: This diagram shows the class hierarchy for constructing FbiSnmpMessages. The FbiSnmpMessages are sent to Snmp agents in the target network devices. These messages are constructed to either block, unblock or check the status in the target network device.

Fail-Safe Switch Requirements

09/20/2011 10:47 AM

FBI Fail-Safe Switch Requirements
A fail-safe mechanism must be in place to prevent out-of-control

Requirements that we have already discussed and agreed to: