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Christopher Marshall, 02/17/2017 02:53 PM

How to Run LOAF

  • Check out the Fast MC as described on
  • Go to the LOAF subdirectory directory
    $ cd trunk/LOAF
  • Build LOAF:
    $ gmake
  • Make inputs, or copy them from Dan's direcotry:
    cp /dune/data/users/lblpwg_tools/FastMC_Data/globes_files/cherdack/Globes_Inputs/* /dune/data/users/lblpwg_tools/FastMC_Data/globes_files/<username>/Globes_Inputs/
  • Make your output directory (if not running in batch mode, in which case this is done automatically):
    mkdir -p /dune/data/users/lblpwg_tools/FastMC_Data/globes_files/ljf26/Globes_Output/<configuration_name>/
  • Run LOAF.
     ./Analysis_tools <configuration_name> <delta_CP> <IH or NH> <outputfile>

    The first argument is a configuration name, for example CDR_BASE_FullFD. Look in FastMC_GlobesParams.xml to see the available configurations, or add new ones. The configuration names appear between quotation marks on lines such as: <param_set name="Default">. The second argument is the true value of delta_CP in radians. The third argunment is the true mass hierarchy. The final argument is the name of a text output file that will be created.
  • The output text file is a series of numbers. The identity of the numbers is given in:
    That directory also has an image file comparing far detector energy spectra Markov data and Monte Carlo assuming delta_CP = 0 (this means the data and Monte Carlo will not match unless you have specified the true value of delta_CP to be zero.

Create the inputs using split.C, in FullMCProcessing. The input files are MVASelect files, which should be merged with AnaTree eventually. The path is hard-coded into split.C. It needs to be run on the nue and numu near samples, and the commands are

$ root -l -q -b split.C\(\"nue\"\)
$ root -l -q -b split.C\(\"numu\"\)

The stupid forward slashes are if you want to do it from the command line, otherwise you can open root and use .L.