New Road Map

See also Old Road Map, for historical reference.

Short term work

  1. Investigate what needs to be done to use igprof for data collection, and to convert the collected data into our canonical format; this has the possible advantage of using their symbol resolution mechanism
  2. Investigate the possibility of adding to igprof in-program symbol resolution
  3. Investigate using a technique different from dlsym to do symbol mapping, fixing the problem we have with local symbol resolution. This is partially resolved on platforms that support libunwind's get_proc_name accessor (depends on proc filesystem).

More speculative work

  1. Help with installation of additional tools PTU, perfmon2, TAU, ...
  2. Use something like TAU for producing robust call paths to use as validation for our collected call paths.

Goals completed but in need of further testing

  1. Get enough reliability to allow useful runs of cmsRun/Geant4 to be taken. At this point, SimpleProfiler needs to be tested under the stress of the full experiment but functions reliably in a limited 100 event run.
  2. Test function tracking features to verify correctness while profiling of programs that violate the One Definition Rule.
  3. Determine newest usable version of libunwind for 32-bit/64-bit systems and note anomalies. SimpleProfiler has been tested with the most recent commit at the time of this writing, commit 99e60be5a4c8bc9076d1b11e89a06f85d9da7b88 commited on 8 Jun 2010.