FAST is a set of tools for collecting, managing, and analyzing data about code performance.

A description of the purpose of the FAST project is available in The FAST project.
Instructions for use of the FAST toolkit is available in FAST User's Manual.

Further information, including instructions for downloading and building the FAST profiler, is available in the README file

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v0.06.02 uploaded
Added by Marc Paterno about 8 years ago

v0.06.01 uploaded
Added by Marc Paterno about 8 years ago

v0.0beta4 uploaded
A replacement for v0.0beta3, which contained a defective tar archive. v0.0beta3 has been removed.
Added by Marc Paterno almost 9 years ago

v0.0.beta3 uploaded
v0.0.beta3 uploaded
Added by Marc Paterno about 9 years ago

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