This is the jump page for E-NuMI (Exploiting the NuMI beam) working group.

The group is being coordinated by Tricia Vahle (vahle AT and Jenny Thomas (jthomas AT

There are a number of ideas which have been floated for augmenting the NuMI beam with new detectors at different L/E.

MINOS+ is already sitting at an L/E of between 300 and 100 km/GeV;

NOVA will come online at L/E of 400km.

GLADE - There is likely to be empty space at the Ash River site where the original mass of NOVA was to be housed - there is room for a further 4kt of scintillator, or somewhere between 5-10kT of LAr in that space, these being off-axis in a narrow band beam.

CHIPS - There are a number of flooded mine pits in the vicinity of the NuMI beam at about L of 700km, spanning a region which covers both on-axis and off-axis locations. A large water Cherenkov detector in one of these could make a very high statistics measurement of delta-CP.

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