PostgreSQL RPMs download only

This page documents the procedure to download PGDG and PostgreSQL RPMs for SLF 6, but not to install PostgreSQL. The download can be done as a safety measure in advance of a planned deployment.

# Setup once
$ sudo yum -y install yum-plugin-downloadonly
$ mkdir -p ~/pg_rpms/9.3

# Prepare
$ cd ~/pg_rpms/9.3

# Download and also install PGDG
$ wget
$ sudo rpm --nodeps -iv ./pgdg-sl93-9.3-1.noarch.rpm
$ rpm -qa | grep pgdg

# Download PostgreSQL and dependencies
$ sudo yum -y install --downloadonly --downloaddir=./ postgresql93 postgresql93-devel postgresql93-libs postgresql93-server postgresql93-contrib

# Update RPMs into an accessible location
$ ssh enstore@gccensrv1 "rm -rfv /home/enstore/pg_rpms" 
$ rsync -av ~/pg_rpms enstore@gccensrv1:/home/enstore/