Enstore module update from git

This page documents the procedure to update the latest development version of a specific module from the Enstore git repository on to a specific host.


  • As is normal, login to the host as user enstore.
  • It is assumed that Enstore is installed in /opt/enstore/, and the module which is to be updated exists here.
  • Confirm that git is installed and available.
$ which git

Get copy of the enstore files from central enstore git repository

If you did this step before on this host, you can just update files from central repository, step 1b).

1a) Create git repository for the first time on local host and copy files from central repository.

$ git clone ssh:// ~enstore/enstore_git

Continue with step 2)

1b) If the repo was cloned previously, just update it locally:

$ cd ~enstore/enstore_git

Check you are on default branch, which is "develop"

$ git branch
* develop

Update the code from central repository:

$ git pull

Update enstore files

2) Get to enstore directory:

$ cd /opt/enstore/src

If for example the module in question is

3) Optionally compare changes:

$ diff ~enstore/enstore_git/src/

4) Backup and update the module:

$ cp -p
$ cp -p ~enstore/enstore_git/src/ .