V1720 description

Currently running with one V1720 card. readout of the V1720 is through optical link to A2818 card in emphaticdaq02.

V1720 is 250MHz digitizer; so a sample every 4ns.

MIDAS frontend program

The MIDAS frontend program is running on emphaticdaq02. You can start the frontend from the MIDAS 'Programs' page. You can also try manually starting the frontend program by doing

[arich@emphaticdaq01 ~]$ ssh daq@emphaticdaq02
Last login: Mon Mar  9 10:12:43 2020 from emphaticdaq01
[daq@localhost ~]$ cd online/v1720
[daq@localhost v1720]$ ./feoV1720mt.exe -i 0 

V1720 configuration

The configuration of the V1720 readout is done with these ODB parameters:


Currently it is configured to readout raw waveforms, with 40 samples per waveform (160ns).

The number of samples is controlled with the ODB variable "custom size". The relationship is

number of samples = custom size * 4

So to readout 40 samples per waveform, custom size is set to 10.

To change from raw waveform readout to ZLE suppressed data we change the ODB variable "channel configuration" from 0x10 to 0x20010. But I have not gotten this to work sensibly yet. So should stick with raw waveform readout for now...

V1720 readout performance

Current maximum readout rate for single V1720 is 12kHz. Investigating if this can be improved.