DAQ Computer and access

Main computer is called

There is a second machine emphaticdaq02, which is currently used to control the V1720 digitizer. There is a private network for connecting emphaticdaq02 and the TRBs. Graphically:

Local and Remote access

Currently the main account name is called . The account password is written on the machine.

You access emphaticdaq02 by doing

ssh daq@emphaticdaq02

To access this machine remotely, I have setup the account to accept kerberized ssh connection. Once you have your FNAL Kerberos stuff setup, give your Principal name to me and I will add you to the list of people who can login to that account.

Thomas and Matej know the root password for emphaticdaq01; can be given to others as required. root password for emphaticdaq02 is written on machine.

Will work on getting remote access to the webservers on emphaticdaq01...

MIDAS description

Main MIDAS webpage is available locally at this address:


We don't currently have a remote way of accessing the webpage.

Start up DAQ

To start DAQ after powering cycling machine, do:

  • login as arich user
  • run the setup script
    [arich@emphaticdaq01 ~]$ cd online/bin/
    [arich@emphaticdaq01 bin]$ ./
  • go to MIDAS status page; go to programs page. Press 'start fetrb3UDP' button


  1. Sometimes the private network cable falls out of the DAQ machine.
  2. Make sure that the MIDAS logger is actually writing data. On the status page the logger channel 0 should be green and should be accumulating events. If it is not you need to either start mlogger or enable mlogger.
  3. Sometimes we get ODB full error messages, like

[arich@emphaticdaq01 trb3_frontend]$ odbedit
[ODBEdit,ERROR] [odb.c:1150:db_validate_db,ERROR] Warning: database data area is 100% full
[ODBEdit,INFO] Warning: corrected key "/Programs/fetrb3UDP/Required" size: total_size=0, should be 4*1=4
[ODBEdit,INFO] Warning: corrected key "/Programs/fetrb3UDP/Required" size: data pointer is zero, total_size is 4, should be zero
[ODBEdit,INFO] Warning: corrected key "/Programs/fetrb3UDP/Watchdog timeout" size: total_size=0, should be 4*1=4
[ODBEdit,INFO] Warning: corrected key "/Programs/fetrb3UDP/Watchdog timeout" size: data pointer is zero, total_size is 4, should be z

  • Stop all MIDAS programs
  • Rename old ODB
    cd ~/online/
    mv .ODB.SHM .ODB.SHM.broken
  • Make new odb
    [arich@emphaticdaq01 online]$ odbinit -s 100000000
  • Load the most recent ODB dump in ~/online/history
    [arich@emphaticdaq01 online]$ odbedit
    [local:arich:S]/>load /home1/arich/online/history/run00203.json