ARICH Power-on and Power-off instructions

Figure 1 shows the rack containing the low-voltage and high-voltage power supplies for the ARICH, along with the TRB3 readout electronics. Figure 2 shows a closer view of the PMT high-voltage power supply. In order to power on the ARICH:

  1. Power on the 5-V for the Padiwas and the 24-V for the TRB3s by switching on the power bar labelled "TRB3 AND PADIWA POWER"
  2. Power on the additional 5-V for additional Padiwas by switching on the BK-Precision power supply, and pressing the "On/Off" button. Its readout should look similar to that in Figure 1.
  3. When you are sure the ARICH is dark, power on the PMT-HV. This is the power supply on the bottom of the rack, shown in Figure 2. First check that the dials setting the High voltage are turned to 0-V, then toggle the AC power switch to the right. Wait until the light comes on, then toggle the right switch to the right to power on the High-voltage. Now, rotate the dials to set the PMTs to -1100 V.
  4. In order to set the trigger (right now just a pulser), power on the NIM crate that is at the bottom of the rack holding the ARICH, as shown in Figure 3. Check that the Pulser lights up. If it does not, try power cycling the crate, or changing the rate of the pulser.

Figure 1 ARICH Electronics Rack

Figure 2 ARICH PMT HV Detail

Figure 3 ARICH NIM Trigger