Changes form 5.5 to 6.4

  • Removed -fpack-struct from build
  • Removed localized _iosLib.h and added localized _ioLib.h (Defintion of DEV_HDR was moved from _iosLib to _ioLib for 6.4 build causing name clashes)
  • Added attribute packed to all structures within main header file and _ioLib.h
  • Tested reducing A32 window from 16M to 8M, concluding that a full 16M window per card is needed.
  • As a full io driver, a driver slot is taken in the driver table. This causes a problem in vxworks 6.4 as we hit the 20 driver limit. Result, we can only support up to 7 echotek cards with the current kernel. see Issue
  • -fvolatile is no longer supported by gcc, refactored structs to have volatile keyword and fixed up casting errors associated.