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h1. DUNE LBL Wiki

h2. Getting Started

Note that to obtain any computing access you must first be added to the DUNE collaboration list. You need your IB rep to do that.

* "How to obtain DUNE computing access":
* [[How to use DUNE interactive nodes]]

h2. [[How to use globes for DUNE and obtain configurations]]

h2. Available Files files for Analysis analysis

* "FastMC":
* "Full MC/Reco":
* [[MVASelect files]]

h2. Fitting

* [[How to use LOAF]]
* [[How to use CAFAna]]
* "VALOR Documentation":

h2. Systematics Uncertainties

* "Beam Flux Uncertainties":

h2. Useful Links links

* "DUNE at work":
* "dunetpc wiki": (includes basic tutorials)