How to use CAFAna

Check out and build for the first time

From a machine:

git clone https://${MY_GITHUB_USERNAME}
cd lblpwgtools/code/CAFAna

Start by reading tute/demo0.C and then execute it with cafe tute/demo0.C. See the tutorial videos below for further explanations.

  • If you omit the github username you can still checkout, but will need more contortions to push back to the repository
  • Next time you log in, just cd to the directory and source the setup script
  • The setup script currently prints a variety of warnings which are harmless
  • If you change any CAFAna compiled code, simply type make in the CAFAna/ directory to update the build

If you have SL6 and CVMFS locally these instructions also work offsite, but you will need to copy the CAF files locally and adjust the paths in the macros.

Tutorial videos

Covering demo0.C to demo3.C (basic plotting and fitting):

Covering demo4.C to demo7.C (systematics):

Other resources

Join #cafana on slack

Talks on CAFAna:

NOvA documentation is in general still applicable to DUNE: