Meeting notes 2019-03-15 with Eric James

Meeting took place on March 15, 2019 at 13:00 in Eric James’ office (WH13NE)

Participants: Eric, Terri, Ron, Kurt, Bonnie, Pengfei

1. We want to get networking up and running. Discussed deliverables a few weeks back as a first step;

2. Eric will commit now to put in FTE starting on April 1st; can charge 50% of time each (Bonnie and Pengfei) over the next six month; can also back charge a bit as Bonnie and Pengfei has already started working on it;

3. There are a lot of uncertainties about what the plan is for Online Computing/networking. The first step is to attack the uncertainties with a 5-10 page interface document. The document should have the following details:

  • What does the system look like from underground, to surface, to Fermilab; what are the hardwares required; how do things get connected; what is the bandwidth needed by different subsystems etc.
  • What is the data path (detector data and operational control/monitoring) from the detector all the way to Fermilab?
  • Which party (LBNF, DAQ, Fermilab SCD) is responsible for what parts, and what resources will they provide?
  • Also take an initial pass about what the ingredient softwares needed for the system.
  • In the beginning, to reduce complicity, the document should not consider too much about cryostat, slow control or building safety needs.

4. Timeline of the interface document

  • Should have a first pass of the document before next collaboration meeting in May.
  • Expect to have complete interface document before Summer.

5. Things needed when preparing the document:

  • Sit with Terri to to go through the LBNF “90% design document” to understand what LBNF needs and is providing.
  • Have a point of contact person from LBNF, DAQ and Fermilab Computing, and talk to these parties to understand everyone’s take on things.

There are also backup slides prepared for the meeting, but was not needed during the meeting. The slides are attached here. Click "Files" at the bottom part of the page to see the link to the attached slides.