Task list April 2017

Initial version, 05-Apr-2017, KAB

Planned tasks

  1. develop and implement the model for distributing software packages to, and developing code on, the new CERN teststand computers
  2. run performance tests on the Atlas disk testbed computer
  3. [are there planned changes to DAQInterface?]

Expected tasks

  1. assist Justo and Giles with the development of the TimingSystem FragmentGenerator
  2. configure the Oxford and CERN teststands to use the pull-data model for all but one BoardReader (ideally the TimingSystem BR, but another one could be used for testing)
  3. full implementation and use of MongoDB at test stand

Possible tasks; input on priorities would be helpful

  1. update the artdaq::Fragment header to support a 64-bit timestamp
  2. develop infrastructure for XON/XOFF messages
  3. develop the full DFO (one per partition); develop the infrastructure in the BoardReaders to notify the DFO about a new trigger
  4. switch to using art sub-processes, rather than thread, to support full reconfiguration of the system between runs without needing a system restart
  5. convert to using sockets rather than MPI for data transfer
  6. flesh out and implement event distribution ideas for real-time data quality monitoring
  7. refine our understanding of the configuration editing needs and options; possibly make improvements to the GUI editor
  8. implement forwarding of DAQ monitoring metrics to JCOP?
  9. gather requirements for summer running
  10. officially bundle uHal software?
  11. prepare and present a FragmentGenerator-developer tutorial?


  1. restore the "soft-init" (or similar) configuration step in artdaq to support quick re-initialization of a small set of configuration parameters between runs

Other possible items

  1. work with members of the DAQ and nearline/offline groups to develop the plan for dune_raw_data (or whatever we decide do call the library of Overlay classes)
  2. help folks who are working on developing data quality monitoring modules with using software from CVMFS, etc?
  3. assist FELIX FragmentGenerator developers?