Work progress Sept 28 2012

  • install rsh on dsfr and dseb
  • export /home, /products, /usr/local, and /scratch from dsfr1
  • chkconfig nfs on
  • create /etc/exports
  • /etc/rc.d/init.d/nfs start
  • mount exported volumes on dsfr2, dsfr3, dseb[1-5]
  • remount original /home directory as /local
  • mkdir /local and /products
  • edit /etc/fstab, using
  • copy a new /etc/hosts
  • copy a new /etc/hosts.equiv
  • add users
  • use obtain on cluck to get unix.uid.list and unix.gid_id.list
  • copy these files to /usr/local/share/obtain on dsfr1,4,5
  • copy cetuser from cluck to /usr/local/bin on dsfr1,4,5
  • edit cetuser-grunt to make /usr/local/bin/cetuser-ds on dsfr1,4,5
  • Can only run /usr/local/bin/cetuser-ds on dsfr1
  • it will create accounts on all nodes
  • must edit copies on dsfr4 and dsfr5 for that environment
  • initial accounts made