Work progress Oct 3 2012


  • the xmlrpc_client piece did not build
  • problem traced to a missing rpm: libcurl-devel
  • still have problems building some of the tests
  • this is a defect in the test code and can be ignored
  • the build is consistent with the SLF5 build
  • declare the build successful

install OFED software

  • install required rpms on all machines
  • do full installation on dsfr1
       cd /usr/local/OFED-
       ./ -c ofed.conf
  • repeat on dsfr[2-4] and dseb[1-6]
  • installs rpms that were built on dsfr1


  • set to use (tev broadcasts ntp)


  • running on dsfr5 and dseb7
  • subnet manager configured and running on dsfr5
  • passes its own test suite
  • chkconfig --level 2345 opensmd on
  • start subnet manager on dsfr1
  • chkconfig --level 2345 opensmd on
  • /etc/rc.d/init.d/opensmd start is insufficient
  • reboot to start opensmd
  • after reboot, the regular start/stop/restart commands work