Work progress Oct 1 2012

Much confusion because cluck has severe hardware problems. KOI was meant to fix it over the weekend but is only working on it today. We are using tev to access the machines.

  • install products in /products on dsfr1 and dsfr5
  • until we are ready to ship dsfr1-3, dsfr4 and dseb6 will get /products, /home, etc. from dsfr1.
  • cuts down on confusion
  • we'll just copy the contents of the disks when it's time to ship dsfr1-3 and dseb1-5
  • the dsfr4 disks are mounted under /local
  • edit /etc/wgetrc on dsfr1 to allow wget proxy via tev
  • edit /etc/sysconfig/network on all machines to set hostname and reboot
  • discover unnecessary firewall on dsfr3 - disable it
  • configure so ipmitoollan access will work