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Kurt Biery, 12/28/2012 02:14 PM

To-do list 27-Dec-2012

KAB - some notes on things to do

  1. get PMT working with latest boardreader and eventbuilder apps
    • include both single-node and multi-node running
  2. modify the init, startRun, and stopRun scripts to use the PMT cfg file
  3. finish documenting the initialization PSet contents
    • this should include whatever code modifications are needed to get the hard-coded paths out of the PSet strings
  4. test the stopping and restarting of runs with real V1720 readout. Fix any problems that are uncovered.
  5. merge the latest feature/pmt branch code to the develop branch, when appropriate
  6. update the instructions on the Wiki pages to change references to the feature/board_reader branch to the develop branch
  7. plan for a simple demo system that Stefano can use in his System Control tests (document the use of it on the Wiki)
  8. refresh our memory of what the shutdown command should do, and add that to the applications
  1. look into improving the filenames on disk (see art and artdaq Redmine issues, esp. art #3189)
  2. look into feeding the initialization string directly to art (art Redmine issue #3191)
  3. look into supporting multiple fragment generators within a single boardreader app
  4. write a simple "event dump" application that we can use on the disk files that we create to verify that the data makes sense (number of events, number of fragments in each event, etc.)
  1. investigate the drop in maximum rate (from 55 to 50 Hz) when running the full system (compared to just
  2. document the plan for providing events to online data quality monitoring applications
  3. document the C++ classes in ds50daq
  4. remove junk code ( and move higher level code to a different dir (DS50CompressedEvent.hh which in turn should be renamed V172xCompressedFragment).
  5. modify V172xFragment to know how many bits are valid (request from Marc)
  6. look into forcing real-time priority for DAQ processes (MPI program elements)
  7. re-check the initial fragment number assignment and testing in V172xDriver_generator
  8. start using a set of directories to provide named configuration sets (e.g. <baseDirectory>/<configurationName>/<applicationName>_<portNumber>.fcl)