Testing an SLF63 VM with VirtualBox

07-Feb-2013, KAB: Here are the steps that I used to test the creation and use of an SLF6.3 virtual machine with VirtualBox.

  1. downloaded VirtualBox 4.2.6 and installed it on my mac laptop
  2. downloaded the SLF6.3 iso image: (see
  3. started up VirtualBox
  4. clicked the New icon
  5. in the Name and Operating System dialog
    • name = ds50daqDemo
    • Type = Linux
    • Version = Other Linux
  6. selected a memory size of 4 GB
  7. selected the option to Create a virtual hard drive now
  8. chose the VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) hard drive file type
  9. selected the option to have a dynamically allocated hard drive
  10. accepted the default virtual hard drive file name (ds50daqDemo) and selected a disk size of ~100 GB

At this point, the VM was created. Next, I installed Linux.

  1. selected the ds50daqDemo VM in the VirtualBox Manager window and clicked on the Start icon
  2. clicked OK on the popup that talked about Auto capture keyboard being turned on (host key is "Left Command")
  3. selected the ISO image that I downloaded as the start up disk
  4. selected the option to Install or Upgrade and existing SLF 6 system
  5. clicked OK in the popup that warned me about mouse pointer integration
  6. skipped the testing of the installation media
  7. accepted the default TCP/IP configuration (IPv4 selected, IPv6 not selected. DHCP selected for IPv4)
  8. clicked next to start the SLF6 installation
  9. selected Basic Storage Devices
  10. selected "Yes, destroy any existing data"
  11. named the computer ds50daqDemo
  12. selected a timezone of America/Chicago
  13. specified a root pw
  14. selected "Use free space" for type of installation
  15. selected /sda for the device
  16. accepted the defaults on the boot loader page
  17. selected "Fermi generic server" as the type of install, and added SL Fermi addons to the list of repositories to use for software installation, chose Customize Now
    • MISC Scientific Linux Package, Yum Repositories
    • added a bunch of stuff (will try to document later)

At LNGS, I installed OFED using the Wiki instructions from Lynn. And, I turned off the firewall (iptables -F), installed rsh, and added the DS50DAQ_CONFIG_PATH env var to the ds50daq_user .bashrc file.