ds50daq Release Notes 1.03.01 (05-Nov-2014)

External Package Changes

ds50daq v1_03_01

New features:

  • A new veto-choice option ("Hybrid") was added to the and scripts. (Issue #7216).
    • The full set of veto-choice options is now: off, ADC, TDC, TDC+ADC, Hybrid, and Hybrid+TDC.
    • Choosing one of the Hybrid options causes the run start and stop signals to be sent from the TPC DAQ system to the Veto DAQ system, but no other signals are sent. This could also be referred to as "autonomous" mode since the Veto is triggering independently. This is different than the "ADC" mode in which the Veto system is dependent on the TPC system for triggers.
  • The ability to specify the TDC pulse delay and gate width parameters was added to the script (Issue #7215).
    • The script now takes a "--tdc <pulse_delay>,<gate_width>" parameter. (Please note that there needs to be a space after the "--tdc" and no spaces between the pulse delay value, the gate width value, and the comma that separates them.)
  • Placeholder parameters were added to the V1495 FHiCL files that are generated from " -v" (Issue #6842).
    • This was requested by Alessandro and Stefano to support the editing of these parameters with the FHiCL file editor that is part of Run Control.
  • Control of the inhibit time was added to the script (Issue #6840).
    • This is specified with the "-i" option.
  • Options were added to the and scripts to control whether the V1724 ADCs are included in the TPC DAQ system (Issue #6837).
    • This is specified with "--V1724-enabled <yes|no>".
  • Some fraction of the code in the ds50daq package has been moved to the darksidecore and darkmon packages (Issue #6192).
    • This will make it easier for darkart developers to install the software package that they need, but we will need to manage multiple software packages in the online if we want/need to modify code in the darksidecore or darkmon repositories.
  • New features that are part of artdaq and/or artdaq_core:
    • This artdaq::Fragment class was modified to internally use a custom vector class to improve performance (Issue #4655).
    • The model for storing package version and build time information in data files has been improved and simplified. More information can be found here.

Bug fixes:

  • Package version information is now being included in all data files, not just the first one in a run (Issue #6454).

Operational changes:

  • The logging level ("informational" versus "error") was fixed in the informational messages in and (Issue #7182).
  • Carriage returns ("\r") were added to the FHiCL files that are generated by the script when we pass it the verbose ("-v") flag (Issue #7063). This was requested by Alessandro and Stefano to make the transfer of FHiCL files from the TPC DAQ to the global system Run Control more robust.
  • The local changes in the "system-Apr04" and "system-May23-V1724" software areas in the daq account on dsfr1 were included in this release. In addition, the changes to the online monitoring modules from the ds50daq "feature/online_monitor" branch were included. However, in all cases, the results of that should be confirmed.

Known issues:

  • none

Dependent Package Notes

To download and install the packages that are necessary for running and/or building ds50daq v1_03_01, the following steps can be used:
  • download the pullProductsAD-v1_12_04 file from and copy it to the computer where you want to install the packages
  • change the permissions on the pullProducts file to make it executable:
    • 'chmod +x pullProductsAD-v1_12_04'
  • run the pullProducts script, telling it the location of your "products" area, the software bundle that you want downloaded, and other parameters.
    • this script downloads UPS product tar files to the current directory when it is run. Because of this, you may want to run the command from a directory that won't be cluttered by the addition of a number of tar files. One option is to create a "tarfiles" subdirectory under your "products" area and run the command from there.
    • the software bundles that are available can be found by running the pullProductsAD-v1_12_04 script without any arguments and reading through the help information that is printed out. Some useful bundles for downloading ds50daq are:
      • "ds50daq" - this will download ds50daq v1_03_01 and all of the software packages that it needs
      • "dscore" - this will download the darksidecore and darkmon packages that are used in ds50daq v1_03_01 and all of the software packages that they need, but it won't download ds50daq itself or artdaq. This may be useful for offline or analysis computers where the full ds50daq code is not needed (i.e. darkart development).
    • some examples:
      • 'pullProductsAD-v1_12_04 <products_area> slf6 ds50daq e6 prof'
      • 'pullProductsAD-v1_12_04 <products_area> slf6 dscore e6 debug'

Please note that these instructions will change to make use of an improved pullProducts script with later releases of ds50daq.