ds50daq Release Notes 1.02.01 (28-May-2014)

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  • Deployment notes:
    • 28-May-2014:
    • 03-Jun-2014: dsfr1, dsfr6,
  • First run number with this release:
    • this was built in the /home/daq/system-May23-V1724 area on dsfr1 on 28-May, but it has not yet been used to write physics data to disk
    • however, it was used to write some test data on 02-Jun-2014. Runs 601, 602, and 603.

External Package Changes

  • none

ds50daq v1_02_01

New features:

  • none

Bug fixes:

  • none

Operational changes:

  • and scripts were created to include the V1724 boards in the system
  • ds50MasterControl.rb was modified to allow users to specify "prolog" information in the online monitoring Aggregator configuration (FHICL document). [We made use of this in /home/daq/system-May23-V1724/config/g2/onmon_config.rb.] It was also modified to use the original compression tables for the V1724 data.
  • and were modified to include a high threshold for the G2 trigger.
  •,,,,, and were modified to include the board type in histogram names.

Known issues:

  • none