ds50daq Release Notes 1.00.09 (04-Apr-2014)

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  • Deployment notes:
    • 04-Apr-2014: dsfr1:/home/daq/system-Apr04
    • 04-Apr-2014:, dsfr6, dsfr1
    • Unable to do dsfr5 at the moment because we can't log into the products account
    • 01-May-2014:
  • First run number with this release: 7821

External Package Changes

  • none

ds50daq v1_00_09

New features:

  • Changes from Alessandro to the following files:
    • ds50daq/DAQ/
    • ds50daq/online/ArtModules/
    • ds50daq/online/ArtModules/
    • ds50daq/online/ArtModules/fcl/art_run_info.fcl
    • ds50daq/online/ArtServices/
    • ds50daq/online/ArtServices/
    • ds50daq/online/ArtServices/ds50db_interface.hh

Bug fixes:

  • none

Operational changes:

  • none

Known issues:

  • Some of the method signatures in the Database Interface changed. So, upgrading offline code which uses these methods (such as darkart) may require code changes to reflect the new signatures.