Plan for initial SW installation and testing at LCC

05-Oct-2012 initial shipment of hardware to LGNS

The plan is to ship one FragmentReceiver computer, one EventBuilder computer, one Infiniband switch, and available digitizer cards, etc. to LGNS on 05-Oct-2012. Together these computers form a development system and testing system.

To be ready for shipment on the 5th, we need to be ready by the 3rd.

The installation goals before shipment are the following:
  • successfully run artdaq and ds50daq unit tests on FR and EB node
  • successfully transfer data over IB between the two computers

We will not be spending any time to set up these nodes for public network login before shipment.

Proposed plan for meeting the 05-Oct shipping date

Goal is to work on steps 1-4 during the week of Sep 24-28 and steps 5-8 during the week of Oct 1-5.

  1. machine admin, ethernet configuration and file systems including NFS
  2. external package installation
  3. application software installation
  4. additional configuration of development nodes
  5. OFED drivers and configuration on all nodes
  6. Mellanox SM installed on 3U development node (to-be-shipped one)
  7. testing begins
  8. discussions with Mike K, Ruth, and Alessandro begin about networking needs after shipping for development nodes