How to use xpra

See Install xpra for installation instructions. Xpra is installed on ds50ws, dsfr6, and dseb8.

useful xpra commands:
  • list
  • start
  • stop
Start an xpra server:
  • xpra start :XXX --enable-sharing --start-child=xterm
Stop an xpra server:
  • xpra stop
You need to make sure that xforwarding is enabled.
  • ssh -Y
Attach a client:
  • xpra attach :XXX --enable-sharing (from a different session on the same machine)
  • xpra attach ssh:<machine>:XXX --enable-sharing (from a different machine)

Note that we are running client and server as the same user. Normal ssh permissions will apply if you want to attach to the client from a different user.


  • start a server on dsfr6:
    ssh -Y
    ssh -Y dsfr6
    xpra start :123 --enable-sharing --start-child=xterm
  • start a client on ds50ws
    ssh -Y
    xpra attach ssh:dsfr6:123 --enable-sharing
  • do some work
  • stop the client with ^C
  • stop the server
    xpra stop

ssh to dsfr6 and dseb8

You must make and install a public key before you can ssh to either dsfr6 or dseb8.

Obtain a public key

Do this step on ds50ws.

Use ssh-keygen. Whether you use the default key in .ssh/id_dsa{,.pub} or create your own accessible with ssh-agent is up to you.

Add the ds50ws public key to .ssh/authorized_keys on dsfr6/dseb8 (the home directory is shared)

mkdir -p ~/.ssh
chmod 700 ~/.ssh
cat <pub-key> >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys