How to start a demo system for System Control testing

08-Jan-2013, KAB

These instructions describe the steps to start a "demo" ds50daq system that simply goes through the motions of reacting to System Control commands, but does not talk to any hardware and doesn't transfer any data. Each of the DAQ processes simply steps through its internal state machine and forces each transition to succeed. So, if you try to send such a system an invalid command (e.g. telling the system to pause when it hasn't even been initialized yet), it will complain, but otherwise it will simply pretend to take the action that was specified in the System Control command and move to the appropriate next internal state.

The first step is to set up your account to run the ds50daq software on one of the teststand machines at LNGS or FNAL. Instructions for doing that are here.

Once you have a build of the ds50daq code from the develop branch in git, then you can run the following commands from your account:
  1. cd <yourDS50DAQBuildDirectory>
  2. source <yourDS50DAQRepositoryDirectory>/ups/setup_for_development -p
  3. start2x2DemoSystem
  4. to stop the demo system, use <ctrl>-c
At the current time (08-Jan-13), these steps will start the following processes on the specified ports:
  • boardreader, port 5440
  • boardreader, port 5441
  • eventbuilder, port 5450
  • eventbuilder, port 5451
If a different set of ports is desired, the DS50DAQ_BASE_PORT environmental variable can be used. It needs to be defined before step 3 above. For example,
  • export DS50DAQ_BASE_PORT=5400
  • start2x2DemoSystem
  • this will start a 2-by-2 system that has the processes running on ports 5400, 5401, 5410, and 5411.