How to send sample xmlrpc commands to boardreader eventbuilder and aggregator processes

After setting up and building the ds50daq package, you can run sample boardreader, eventbuilder, and aggregator processes by hand:
  • boardreader -p <port>
  • OR
  • eventbuilder -p <port>
  • OR
  • aggregator -p <port>
To send XMLRPC commands to one of these processes, you can use commands like the following (after setting up ds50daq):
  • xmlrpc http://localhost:<port>/RPC2 ds50.init ""
  • xmlrpc http://localhost:<port>/RPC2 ds50.start 101 10 # run number and number of events
  • xmlrpc http://localhost:<port>/RPC2 ds50.stop
  • xmlrpc http://localhost:<port>/RPC2 ds50.pause
  • xmlrpc http://localhost:<port>/RPC2 ds50.resume
Here is a sample boardreader INIT command that is current as of 26-Nov (this will probably change as the applications evolve):
  • xmlrpc http://localhost:5454/RPC2 ds50.init "daq: {event_building_buffer_count:10 max_fragment_size_words: 524288 fragment_receiver: {generator:V172xSimulator freqs_file: \"/home/biery/nov2012/ds50daq/ds50daq/DAQ/ds50_hist.dat\" run_number: 0 events_to_generate: 3 first_event_builder_rank: 1 event_builder_count: 1} event_builder: {first_fragment_receiver_rank: 0 fragment_receiver_count: 1}}"