How to run the "driver" program on dsfr6-wh14

[02-Jan-2013, KAB - updated this page to reference the new ds50driver application.]

When Alessandro was here in November, he successfully used the "driver" program from artdaq with a readout module and configuration file from the ds50daq package to read out 1720 cards.

This page is intended to describe the steps that are needed to reproduce his test.

First, run the steps to set up for ds50daq development on dsfr6-wh14.

Then, run the following commands:
  1. cd ~/ds50daqBuild
  2. source ~/ds50daq/ups/setup_for_development -p
  3. buildtool
  4. ds50driver -c $HOME/ds50daq/test/DAQ/driver_HW.fcl