How to log into dsfr5 and dseb7 at LNGS

Please see the latest port numbers to use at the bottom of this page

To log into teststand nodes dsfr5 and dseb7 at LNGS from Fermilab, please first provide an ssh key to Lynn so that she can install it on those remote systems. (Instructions for generating an SSH key are included below.)

Then, logging in consists of adding the necessary ssh key to your keychain
  • for example
    • ssh-agent bash
    • ssh-add [path-to-key]
and then running one of the following commands, depending in which remote node you want to log into:
  • ssh -p 2105 # dsfr5
  • ssh -p 2007 # dseb7

The configuration of the teststand system at LNGS consists of a router (named that provides isolation (private network) for dsfr5 and dseb7. The tunnel port that you use in the commands listed above determines which node you are forwarded to (dsfr5 or dseb7). Access to those nodes is controlled by the ssh key.

Generate an SSH key

To generate your SSH key:
  • 'cd $HOME'
  • 'mkdir .ssh' (if needed)
  • 'cd .ssh'
  • 'ssh-keygen'
    • enter a non-empty passphrase when prompted

Port assignments for LNGS hosts as of 08-Mar-2013

alias dsfr5="ssh -X -p 2105 <username>"
alias dseb7="ssh -X -p 2007 <username>"
alias dsfr1="ssh -X -p 2021"
alias dsfr2="ssh -X -p 2022"
alias dsfr3="ssh -X -p 2023"
alias dsfr4="ssh -X -p 2024"
alias dseb1="ssh -X -p 2001"
alias dseb2="ssh -X -p 2002"
alias dseb3="ssh -X -p 2003"
alias dseb4="ssh -X -p 2004"
alias dseb5="ssh -X -p 2005"
alias dsag="ssh -X -p 2100"