Distributed development

Logging into ds50tb at LNGS from Fermilab

Lynn has created accounts on for several people at Fermilab. Remote access to this machine is controlled with SSH public keys. If you have an account (please check with Lynn or Alessandro), you can create an SSH public/private key pair (using ssh-keygen) and send your public (rsa) key to Lynn or Alessandro who will install it in your login .ssh directory on ds50tb.

To generate your SSH keys:
  • 'cd $HOME'
  • 'mkdir .ssh' (if needed)
  • 'cd .ssh'
  • 'ssh-keygen'
    • enter your desired passphrase when prompted
To use your SSH keys to log into ds50tb from a remote location:
  • ensure that your key pair is in the .ssh directory of the remote account that you will use
  • 'ssh'
    • and provide your passphrase when prompted
  • OR
    • 'ssh-agent bash'
    • 'ssh-add' (enter your passphrase when prompted)
    • 'ssh'