DAQ cluster data taking 09-May-2013

09-May-2013, KAB - I need to ask if there is an electronic logbook that I should be using, but in the meantime, I want to keep some notes on the runs that I/we take on the DAQ cluster.

This morning, we fixed some miscablings between the dsfr1/2/3 3818 cards and the 1720/1724 digitizers. At the moment, the baseline configuration is to use the 1495 and all five 1720s, but none of the 1724s and not the 1190.

(times are Central European Time)

16:10 - started a run without compression enabled. Its internal run number was 1610 (the data file may have run 101 in its name, but that is different). The run died after ~750 events when the Aggregator complained about an unidentified fragment type of zero. I sent stop and shutdown commands to the system, and it seems like the disk file was closed successfully. The internal trigger rate was set to 30 Hz.
  • This run was a little odd in that there seemed to be missing events (596 events in the file, but the largest event number was 630).

1630 - Alessandro has enabled the pulser. This run also has the pulser frequency set to 30 Hz.