Adding user accounts

We are using the Fermilab username, UID, and GID.

Step 1 - update the UID and GID lists

  • refer to the README if necessary
  • ./
  • This will update the local UID and GID lists and push that copy to dsfr1, dsfr5, and dsfr6.
  • Steps 2, 3, and 4 may be executed in any order.

Step 2 - add users on ds50ws

  • ssh
  • refer to /root/scripts/README if necessary
  • /root/scripts/ <username>
  • This will create an account on ds50ws, dsfr6, and dseb8.

Additional note (06-Jun-2013, KAB): When trying to add a user today, I got an error from the script that complained about [groupadd: GID '1507' already exists; ERROR: Unable to add new group d0 with command "/usr/sbin/groupadd -g 1507 d0".] To get around this error, I edited the /usr/local/share/obtain/unix.uid.list file by hand to change the offending group id to 1751 (g163), and then re-ran the script.

Step 3 - add users on dsfr5

  • This will create an account on dsfr5 and dseb7.
  • If the new home directories are owned by "nobody" on dseb7, reboot dseb7.

Step 4 - add users on dsfr1

  • This will create an account on dsfr[1-3] and dseb[1-6].
  • If the new home directories are owned by "nobody" on any machine, reboot that machine.

the nobody problem

  • With NFSV4, the id maps must match.
  • The Domain needs to be specified near the top of /etc/idmapd.conf.
  • On the ds50daq cluster, the domain needs to be "localdomain".
    Domain = localdomain
  • Restarting rpcidmapd seems to be insufficient to fix the problem. You may need to reboot the machine.