23 October 2012

  1. Study of the Memory Full signals of V1720 ADCs - Boris
    • See docdb #460 for proper use of memory full signal.
  2. Discussion of travel to LNGS - second full week of December or first full week of January? What needs to get done at LNGS? Who will go? - All
    • January is much more likely at this point, and at this time, we should not specify 1st week of January or 2nd, etc. We should decide this when Alessandro is at Fermilab in November.
  3. Connections between the clean room and control room for the DAQ - Stephen
    • What is the number for DAQ network connections? 2 or 3? Infiniband plus 1 Gb ethernet for IPMI plus ?
  4. Testing/exercising connections to Alessandro's machine - Stephen
    • Kurt will contact Alessandro in the next day or so.
  5. Report on the overall software development plan - Kurt
  6. What needs to get done to prepare for Alessandro and others' visit 05-Nov? - All
    • We will check with Alessandro to see what his goals are for the visit at the next DAQ meeting.